We moved into our brand new Kunz home just over a year ago and we are absolutely thrilled with our new home. We were new to the Okotoks community and we had researched a number of builders through their show homes and their websites. We chose the Kunz Group and would highly recommend building with them for a couple of reasons. First, we were impressed with the outstanding craftsmanship and high quality of every Kunz home that we viewed and our home turned out to be no exception. Secondly, Rob was very easy to work with regarding the design of our home and any changes that we decided to make along the way. He did not nickel and dime us and found a way to make us as happy as possible regarding our choices and our budget. And lastly, there were no surprises during the building process and Rob kept us informed and involved each step of the way. We had built a home previously with a large volume builder and it was a complete nightmare.  Because of that experience, we were very reluctant to build again but thankfully, our experience with the Kunz Group was the exact opposite.  We get a ton of compliments from friends and family regarding how beautiful our home is and we are proud to tell them it is a Kunz home.

Seb & Laura

October, 2014



Working with the Kunz Group was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Their standards are very high, and every detail is taken care of.

From the paint, to the flooring, to the kitchen finishing, almost everything is upgraded as their standard option.

They custom-finished our basement to perfection, and their custom cabinetry is beautiful. They are very accommodating and easy to work with. This is our second Kunz home, and we love it as much as we loved our first. When it is time to move again, we'll be contacting Kunz for our next home also!

Alain & Stephanie



Dear Mr Kunz,

We cannot believe it has been almost 2 1/2 years since we moved into our new home! From the moment we first saw the show-home, we could visualize ourselves living here. The transition from our previous bi-level to bungalow living has been an easy step.

The open-concept design was an attractive feature, but it has allowed us to experience something we never thought possible: we have become involved in hosting |'house concerts;. Three times a year, musicians from across Canada perform in the living room, in the corner by the fireplace and the spacious kitchen, island and dining area allow our guests to experience their music, 'up close and personal'. The high ceiling in the kitchen enhances the acoustics of the room, making the music all the more enjoyable.

The Kunz Group's attention to detail can especially be seen in the fine work in the kitchen and bar area in the basement. I particularly appreciate the extensive wiring throughout the house, making speaker connections easy. Beyond it all, Debbie I often tease that the main reason we bought the house was the twin sinks in the bathroom.

Thank you for your personal touch during the transition from 'show-home' to 'our home' and for your prompt attention to any of our questions relating to the house.

We both unhesitatingly recommend the Kunz Group to our friends who enquire about builders in Okotoks.

Keep up the good work!

Edward & Debbie Sands



Upon meeting with Rob from Kunz Group and seeing some of they’re  homes we realized their products have a quality to them that we didn’t see from some of the other builders.  We were also pleasantly surprised  they had a beautiful home in our price range!  After several viewings we found Kunz Group very easy to talk to and they let their homes speak for themselves!  We were very excited about the prospect of owning one of their creations! 

Now that we are in our Kunz Group home we are finding the quality to be exceptional!   We continue to get compliments about the design,  workmanship and attention to details the builder put into the home!  We are excited to be in Okotoks and even more excited to be in our Kunz Group home! 


Richard & Vonnie




To Kunz Group:

We are nearing 2 years, having moved into our second Kunz Built house.  This current house is like our first, Well Built.

We were especially drawn to the fact that our home was stick built, from framing to the cabinets.  There was no pre-fab.  And It Shows! In addition, there were no hidden fees; everything was up front with no hidden agenda.

We were particularly satisfied with the attention to detail from the drafting stage to the finished product. 

Thank-you to The Kunz Group.  Locally owned and operated.

Terry & Gail

April 12, 2013 





When we purchased our Kunz Group home we had it designed from scratch.  It was our first home that we ever had built .


We went back and forth with Rob and Jamie looking at some of their home plans and really liked a couple of them, but wanted to something a little different.

They really listened to what we were saying and came up with some ideas and with a couple of changes we had our own unique house design. They showed a lot of patience and that helped us make up our minds up to go with the Kunz Group to build.

When the house was being built they continually kept us up to date at what stage we were at and what to expect next which really helped keep us grounded.

It was really easy to make changes as we were going along, but what was really nice is that Jamie would also suggest things to us about different quality of materials and products that were being used to build our house. He made suggestions and left it up to us to make the choice. We really respected his opinion and did implement some of his suggestions and were are glad we did.

Right from the design stage to the building of the house and the moving in,  they were there with us all the way, we would not hesitate to use the Kunz Group to build again.

Thanks Jamie and Rob!!!


Cliff & Laura











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